Gourmet meat + wine and desert evening set 

Enjoy  high quality dry matured Limousine meat steaks from ecological Lithuania farm and extra red wine combination in our terace.

Products Specs

You will receive prepared for grilling dry matured Limousine meat steacks, mix vegetables for grilling and quality red wine.
Wine harmonised with steak meat, dips for vegetable and meat.

  • Appr. 300 gr, meat prepared for grill /1 person
  • Appr. 200 gr. vegetables prepared for grill or fresh /1 person
  • 1 quality red wine bootle (750 ml) for 2 persons
  • Home made tiramisu cake with fresh limoncela appr. 200 gr./ 1 person
  • Barbeque with coal and tools
  • Electric grill plate
  • Spice kit,dips for vegetable and meat
  • You will prepare for self meat and vegetable on grill (barbeque or electric), will have best smoke and view from terace and a lot of discutions with friends abour wonderfull life!!!